Residential Multi-Family Property Management


Whether you own a single rental condo or a 200-unit apartment building, Jaxon Texas Property Management is ready and able to serve you in its capacity as an expert residential property management company.

We see three main areas as being the primary focus in residential property management in El Paso, TX.

First, Marketing. It’s important to know where tenants are looking for rental housing, and making sure we’re staying in front of them, whether it’s through the MLS, social media like Facebook, online advertising, Spanish language advertising, or good old-fashioned methods like signs, flyers and newspaper ads.

We find it’s important to maintain an aggressive marketing presence in a variety of locales. These often vary by property class and location. We specialize in knowing where the tenants are and how to reach out to them in a cost-effective manner.

Second, Property Maintenance. Residents looking for a new home will enjoy living in any of the properties we manage. We pride ourselves in being highly responsive to tenant needs to keep them happily living in your rental unit as long as practical.

Third, Financial Management: We know the primary purpose of your real estate investment is to make money for you. That’s why we have honed our systems to maximize your profit, without sacrificing the long-term value of the property.

  • We understand how to do needed repairs without over-improving a property.

  • We can help you maximize your rental rates without creating a high vacancy level.

  • We’ve developed referral programs for our best tenants at larger properties, to encourage them to bring their friends and families to our communities.

  • We communicate with you and your tenants regularly to make sure everything is going well for all parties. Our industry-leading software, Yardi Voyager, allows us to track property financials, maintenance and overall performance in real time, and you’ll benefit from our detailed monthly reporting.

We are experienced residential property managers. We can help you meet your own financial goals via your residential investment properties, whether they involve creating positive cash flow to support your family in retirement, reducing taxable income, increasing your net worth, or a combination of all three.

Give us a call today to find out how Jaxon Texas Residential Property Management can help you maximize your profits from your residential real estate assets.

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