Commercial Property Management


The Jaxon Texas Property Management ownership team in El Paso has been involved in commercial real estate for decades and our family has been managing commercial real estate for three generations. We know the "for sale" and "for rent" real estate markets here and we’re highly experienced and effective when it comes to tending commercial properties in town.

What Sets Us Apart? Our Experience and Technology Platforms

Our management team is trained and certified in real estate and property management. We have two CCIM’s and two CPM’s, and are in the field and on the phones with tenants, property owners and real estate agents every day. We know the market, we know the values and rent rates, and we know how to manage property.

To streamline our operations, assure attention to detail, and provide real-time instant reporting on property accounts, vacancies, and repairs, we have invested in the nationally recognized, industry-leading Yardi Voyager software. This high-powered property management software is the Ferrari of commercial property management systems. It’s got horse-power and features that can get the job done every time. We use it for all our commercial properties under management, and as an owner, you and your property will benefit from the way this system helps us stay on top of all important routine and special-case property issues.

Efficient Property Maintenance Crew

For maximum reliability and cost-efficiency, we have our own dedicated maintenance crew that handles all onsite property management, such as trash removal, make-readies, and routine maintenance calls.

This allows us to ensure that all support and maintenance requests are handled quickly, by an expert. Often the same technician will work at a given property time and time again, allowing him to get to know the site and spot potential maintenance issues or concerns before they develop into larger problems.

Properties we manage

9308 Dyer


2077 Zaragoza

Transmountain Village

West Valley
Shopping Center

Surety Village
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