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For over ten years, Jaxon Texas Property Management has been managing a multi-million dollar portfolio of commercial real estate and residential real estate properties. With a winning combination of experienced team members and industry-leading technology, (YARDI Voyager), Jaxon Texas Property Management is equipped to keep your investments working hard for you.

Doing the “right thing” for our clients and tenants is our guiding principal in every property we manage. If our clients are not successful then we know we will have a hard time being successful. If you are currently looking for a property manager in El Paso Texas, pertaining to commercial real estate management or residential real estate management, Jaxon Texas can help!

Jaxon Texas Property Management offers an array of services to provide you expertly integrated options to meet the demands of your real estate portfolio. From everyday management activities to brokerage services to portfolio advice, leasing and reviews, Jaxon Texas has all your commercial property management, residential real estate management  and investment needs covered.


  • Retail Shopping Centers
  • Manufactured Housing Communities
  • Storage Units and Storage Yards
  • Multi-Unit Apartments
  • Residential Rentals and Homes


  • El Paso, TX, and surrounding areas
  • Las Cruces, NM
  • Santa Teresa, NM

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Decades of Experience

The Jaxon Texas property management team has generations of experience in El Paso, TX, real estate in both commercial real estate management and residential real estate management. Our combined decades as owners, managers, and brokers of commercial and residential real estate make our knowledge of the local market unsurpassed. We are hands-on managers who make frequent on-site visits, shake hands, and communicate with tenants and owners regularly.

When hiring a commercial property management firm, you want to find a company who’d do as good of a job as you would, if only you had the time. At Jaxon Texas, we pride ourselves on our “ownership mentality.” We own property here, and we know what it takes to make it successful. With our experienced team, industry knowledge, and top-flight systems, we challenge you to put us to the test because we know we can deliver!
Are you looking for real estate, apartments, rentals or a leasing in El Paso? Jaxon Texas Property Management is the right place for you. We are currently opening Coronado Springs in El Paso, TX, a luxurious 3 bedroom apartment complex with state of the art stainless steel appliances and amenities. Whether you want to buy real estate or renting or leasing one of our apartments, we make luxurious living affordable.
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